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    About Razan Himan Gharb Company  
رازان هیمن غرب


RAZAN HIMAN GHARB CO, Limited (RHG) was founded in Tehran/Iran in 2006 and after four years of R&D we entered to market. The early years of were concentrated on the domestic market but in 2011 an office was established in Kermanshah/Iran and rapidly became a most important element in the activities of the company and formally start to export. Today,RHG operates in four major worldwide market sectors in Gilsonite: Oil Field, Inks and Paints, Asphalt, and Foundry. Mean while we can provide other related items to Gilsonite such as Gilsonite in Micronized Powder shape with the different mesh sizes and OXIDIZED BITUMEN in different grades. The material may be shipped directly from the mine to the customers or alternatively from Razan Himan Gharb's warehouse.Material can be supplied in 1000 kg big bags. RHG is organized to provide high quality service and support to industrial customers around the world.